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Glucomannan is a soluble type of fibre that is included in fibre supplements for weight loss and stomach balance. Here you will find glucomannan supplements that are popular with those who want to lose weight.

Glucomannan for weight control

Glucomannan in dietary supplements is usually derived from konjac root. Glucomannan is a soluble type of fibre that swells in the stomach in connection with meals and fluids, and thus increases in size. This effect leads to an increased feeling of fullness that lasts longer and can help us more easily reduce portion size and calorie intake, and lose weight in the long run. Fibre supplements with glucomannan therefore function as a supplement to a low-calorie diet for hunger control.

Glucomannan is approved as a substance for a cholesterol-lowering effect. Namely, the fibres are complex for the stomach to break down, which means that they pass the gastrointestinal tract more slowly and have time to carry out bile salts to a greater extent. Bile salts are produced by cholesterol, and when these are excreted from the body, new bile salts must be produced, and more cholesterol is consumed.

Fibre supplements with glucomannan only work when combined with sufficient fluid, so remember to drink plenty of water when using glucomannan supplements.

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Diet Fibre
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Diet Fibre
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Glucomannan Fibre
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Glucomannan Fibre
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